High quality standards and diversification

High quality standards and diversification

The production offer stands out not only in diversification, but also and above all for the achieved quality levels, which are always high and constant.

Quality standards are obtained through high-tech machines, systems and control procedures implemented by Stamet which, starting with the management of raw materials accompany the entire production flow.

The traceability of the product, during the processing phase and at the customer’s, of the characteristics and the origin of the raw materials, further emphasize our company’s attention to the control of the conformity of our product.

We have an internal laboratory for the certification of materials and products with reference to their mechanical, dimensional and chemical characteristics.

The main manufacturing processes of Stamet S.p.a are:

  • cold stamping / deformation of sheet metal, steel, aluminum on presses;
  • assembly by means of automated welding islands and wire welding robots;
  • assemblies for electrical overlap through single spot welders and robotized islands;
  • manual assemblies;
  • high and low thickness cataphoretic painting;
  • spot, electric and projection welding;
  • mechanical machining;
  • assembly;

Our main products:

  • battery supports;
  • structural components for engines;
  • underbody brackets, heat shields, flanges, collars;
  • tank supports;
  • electronic components (control units, car radios, etc.);
  • structural components for Body in White;

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