Design Engineering

The beating heart of Stamet

Stamet S.p.a. experience is such to allow the development of processes with the latest in design technology implementing a concrete synergy with our customer in terms of know-how in the implementation of new projects.
Highly skilled staff and a global vision of the reference markets are the basis of our design processes. 3D printing is available for concrete visualization and project sharing.


Experience and Innovation, this is our daily life

Always committed to guaranteeing high level quality systems in every phase of the production cycle, Stamet S.p.a. uses specific state-of-the-art equipment able to maintain high quality production standards.

Available services and facilities:
Automated presses with a maximum capacity of 800 tons.
A Quality Department with automated 3D detection systems.
A number of vertical storage and shelving systems streamlining warehouse picking for semi-finished products and tooling items.

Research and Development

With a global focus

Constant commitment to research and development, ability to create innovative and avantgarde production processes.